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Hello Leaves and Lattes!
The much awaited cooler temps are starting to ease us into this gorgeous time of year.  Crisp cool mornings still give way to warm afternoons, but.... FALL IS FINALLY HERE!  And the change of season has inspired us to change our looks!  You can see WHO is wearing WHAT this season below.  So grab a mug of your favorite warm drink to sip while you check out these great styles!


Rick just got this new pair by Etnia Barcelona.  Malaga in Col. BKBZ features a beautiful blend of black, bronze and copper tones.

Daniel has been sporting the Empire State sunnies by Zero G in Navy/Tortoise.  Such a wonderful color combination!

Jennifer is in love with Gwen by fashion house BLAC in violet, and it really showcases her beautiful blue eyes!

Derek's current fave is Lido Beach by Zero G in Brushed Steel Blue.  Cool.  Calm.  Collected.

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