Maui Jim Kawika in Blue Hawaii

Maui Jim Kawika Blue Hawaii Sunglasses Hicks Brunson Eyewear

Every once in a while Maui Jim, known for their great polarized lenses and generally more conservative designs and colors, creates a super fun design and color combo.  The Kawika is a classic clubman style frame that can look dressy or casual in the black color, but the Kawika has been released in a new color that is more trendy and fun. 

This new color is crystal acetate and features Maui Jim’s Blue Hawaii lens.  For those of you that not familiar with Blue Hawaii, it is the newest Maui Jim lens that features a vibrant blue mirror.  If you haven’t tried the Blue Hawaii yet, I would suggest checking it out.  I would describe the color as being somewhere between the Maui Rose and Bronze tints, which makes it perfect to wear in either a cloudy or a sunny day.  It is quite versatile. 

Maui Jim Kawika Blue Hawaii Sunglasses Hicks Brunson Eyewear

This look is perfect to take to the lake or the pool, and your eyes will be so comfortable behind those legendary Maui Jim polarized lenses. 


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