New Transitions Colors On Point With Style Trends

New Transitions colors are keeping up with lens tint trends in eyewear.    

In early August I sent off my favorite Masunaga titanium aviator (model 9001) to the Transitions HQ in Florida to fill my prescription in a new Transitions technology yet to be released.  I was super excited to receive my sunglasses back.   The color I chose changes from light grey to dark grey with a blue mirror. 

Masunaga - 9001 - Transitions - Blue Mirror - Sunglasses

I have been wearing them all week and I am totally digging the vibe of this new color.  When worn indoors or in low light they are a nice shade of light grey, something the likes of which Robert Downey Jr. would wear.  When you take them out into the sun they darken to a nice dark grey with a killer blue mirror.  The mirror only shows up when they darken because mirrors need some pigment behind them to show up.  Other colors are soon to be released, but for now this is something of a prototype.  I will keep readers of the HBE Perspective blog, HBE email subscribers, and the Hicks Brunson Eyewear nation on Instagram in the know on when this new range of colors by Transitions Optical is available to the public.

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Masunaga - 9001 - SG - #22 - Silver/Black - Aviator Sunglasses - Hicks Brunson Eyewear


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