Nose-Pad Mounting Service Available!

Do you have a hard time wearing plastic frames because you have a small nose bridge?  Some of you know what I’m talking about.  You find the perfect frame you are looking for, but when you look in the mirror the tops of your eyes are cut off by the top rim of the frame. Maybe you just prefer the fit of a frame with adjustable nose-pads, and this keeps you from wearing plastic frames.

Well now we have a nice fix for this!  Introducing our custom Titanium Nose-Pad Mount Service

Hicks Brunson Eyewear Nosepad Service Available!

The picture above shows a client of ours for whom the addition of adjustable nosepads transformed a frame that was previously unwearable to one that she can now feel great about wearing.

This service is available upon request and is an option on nearly any frame. Please contact us by email at or stop by our Utica Square location if you have any questions.

Black Zyl Plastic Frame With Mounted Titanium Nosepads

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