The Masunaga 000 frame VS. The One Hundred

In 2023 Masunaga created a new frame called The One Hundred.  It was mad as an homage to the Masunaga 000.  My video below compares and contrasts the new The One Hundred frame with the classic and iconic 000 that dates back to the 1960's.  The One Hundred is sized quite similarly to the 000, but it has a few small fit differences such as the bridge fit.  It appears slightly wider on the face do to its more rectangular shape, although is not really any wider by size.  

Click on each image below to shop the look now.  

Masunaga 000 Black 19

Masunaga 000 in color Black 

Masunaga The One Hundred color Navy Brown 25

Masunaga The One Hundred in color Navy Brown 



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