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Today I am reviewing a frame by Tom Davies that is made from buffalo horn.  This frame has a horn front consisting of multiple layers.  It is one of my favorite combinations of horn colors.  The front layer, which is the outside layer everyone sees, is brown with streaks of white while the back layer is all white.  The white back layer is quite thick, which really emphasizes the white and the fact that what you are wearing is no mere plastic frame.  It almost has a bone like appearance to it since the finish is matte rather than shiny.  It looks so raw and real I just love it.  The white horn comes from African buffalo, whereas brown and black horn typically come from Asian water buffalo.     

Tom Davies - Horn Eyewear - TDH 019 

A nice element within the Tom Davies horn collection is that some of the frames were made with a horn front, but were given comfortable titanium temples.  The titanium temple design used has been a part of the acetate and all metal Tom Davies frames for a few years.   This is relevant because after having fit this temple on many happy clients over the years, I can say it is categorically one of the most comfortable temples in eyewear. 

So, who is this frame for and for what occasions would they wear it?  It is basically a rectangle with soft rounded corners.  It has a keyhole bridge, and it tends to be flattering on a wide range of face shapes.  Because it is a dark brown matte finish it goes surprisingly well in dress or casual attire.  Men will look sharp in the boardroom, or while pairing it with that weekend polo.  The look is super versatile.    

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