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The latest eyewear collection to join the Hicks Brunson Eyewear family is here, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity for our store to become one of the first stores in world to carry Born In Brooklyn eyewear.  This bold new collection was dreamed up in the mind of our friend Tom Cody.  He is the founder and creator of Zero G eyewear, which is a modern range of frames cut from flat sheet surgical titanium.  Many of our clients are already familiar with Zero G since it has been a premier collection at our store since 2010.   

Born In Brooklyn - Fort Greene - Emerald-Tort - Sunglasses

Fast forward to 2017 and Tom has taken a ride over to the other end of the eyewear design spectrum with the Born In Brooklyn collection.  The new brand’s namesake comes from Tom’s own story.  You see, he was literally Born In Brooklyn.  In describing the brand Tom has said, “This timeless collections' subtle attention to detail is inspired by the individualistic personality of Brooklyn.”  Readers of this blog know that I am a details guy, and one of the design details that knocked my socks off was the hinge design.  Tom designed a new 7-barrell titanium hinge that actually looks like the Brooklyn bridge.  How cool is that!     

Brooklyn Bridge - Born In Brooklyn - Hinge Lug

I love that the iconic hinge is attached to the frame front with real rivets, which ensures a solid connection.  Did I mention that the hinge is hand crafted from Japanese titanium, and the plastic is Japanese acetate?  This is the best of the best in craftsmanship.  

In the picture, I am wearing the Fort Greene model in emerald-tortoise.  It is a deep rectangular shape with a subtle drop over the bridge.  Speaking of the bridge, I will say that the bridge designs in this collection are superb.  Bridge design takes careful consideration because noses are so unique from one to the next.  To make a thick and chunky frame fit comfortably is not easy, and after wearing several styles my assessment is that Born In Brooklyn frames fit like butter. 

All the styles are prescription friendly, but I know many of you are only interested in the sunglasses.  Sunglass wearers will love that all Born In Brooklyn sunglasses feature polarized lenses with a backside anti-reflective treatment.  Your eyes will love it!     

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I bought BIB frames for my prescription eyewear and sunglasses in 2017. I have been wearing glasses since childhood. Best frames I have EVER owned in terms of comfort and style. I am complemented regularly about how well they look and never experience the soreness I used to get from my previous frames around the nose and ears. Well worth the price!

Gene Schwartz September 14, 2019

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