Éze by Leisure Society

This week I am going to keep things short and sweet.  I’m talking brow bar love! 

Éze by Leisure Society is one of those classic styles that looks chic in either a sun or a clear optical frame.  For those of you who read last week’s blog I wrote about a style tip of converting sunglasses to clear optical glasses to create a unique look. 

Éze’s look is created by sculpting solid blocks of titanium.  The 12k gold plating along the outer rim of the eyewire and brow bar shines a brilliant silver in the light, and this nicely contrasts with the matte black color of the front to seamlessly create a three-dimensional look that is classy and distinguished.  That brow bar though.  I love it! 

The best Japanese craftsmanship is utilized to create these frames.  They are a pleasure to wear and soothing on the eyes.  The polarized CR-39 lenses feel as comfortable as any I have ever worn. 

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